Pocket Creative is a small design studio and letterpress print company in Richmond, Virginia.

We started Pocket Creative in 2003, when a destructive fire burned much of a city block, and damaged our office building near Virginia Commonwealth University. Literally out of an office, we took the opportunity to follow our passion for design and started our business specializing in graphic design, websites, identities and letterpress.

When thinking of a name that said it all, we turned to music. Drummers strive to hit the pocket- the space between the drumbeats, a place where the tempo never wavers- a blank canvas just waiting for the rest of the band to fill in. You could say it’s the heart of a song, the foundation on which everything is built. An experience.


At Pocket Creative, we blend cutting-edge technology with traditional letterpress techniques. We are delighted that each day we have the opportunity to incorporate both. The infinite space of the web and technology keeps us looking for to future while the letterpress keeps us grounded literally...the press weighs a half ton.


Thank you for visiting the site, Jenny Liesfeld